ZENTRIPETAL released their self-titled first CD on September 30, 2014 on Composers Concordance Records...

Featuring works written for them by Alvin Lucier, Lynn Bechtold, Dan Cooper, Milica Paranosic, and Gene Pritsker, with additional pieces by Lei Liang, Alfred Schnittke, and Heitor Villa-Lobos. ComCon0018, distributed by Naxos USA



Dan Cooper: Design Duo  (1996, arr. 2006)    
Heitor Villa-­‐Lobos: Deux Chôros bis, W227 (1929)    
Gene Pritsker: Clubbin’ (2008) Listen 
Lei Liang: Gobi Canticle (2005) Listen  
Milica Paranosic: Zvrk (2012)  Listen  
Alvin Lucier: Violynn (2001) Listen 
Alfred Schnittke: Klingende Buchstaben (1988)    
Lynn Bechtold: Duo Die (2006) Listen
Gene Pritsker: Clubbin’ Remix (2009) Bonus Track Listen

The album has received airplay in the following cities: Burlington, VT (WRUV); Cambridge, MA (WMBR); Chicago, IL (WFMT, WNUR); Cleveland, OH (WRUW); Madison, WI (WSUM); Milwaukee, WI (WMSE); Minneapolis, MN (MPR); Paris, FRANCE (Radio Libertaire 89.4); Pittsburgh, PA (WRCT); Princeton, NJ (WPRB).