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Zequinha Abreu—Tico Tico

Adele/Bechtold—Rolling in the Deep

Béla Bartok—Hungarian Folk Melodies

Lynn Bechtold—*Away/Home; Don't Look at the Sky; *Duo Die; *Immolare; Murmur; * Solitude; *Traum(a)

Sandeep Bhagwati—Why Sing Why Cry

Luigi Boccherini—Sonate

Matthew Browne—Conversation Piece

John Cage—Sonata for Two Voices

Pablo Casals—Song of the Birds

Giovanni Battista Cirri—Duetto in G

Rebecca Clarke—Two Pieces for Violin & Cello

Dan Cooper—*Design Duo; *Follies à Deux; Jabberwocky Live

Eleanor Cory—Doubt Springs

Henry Cowell— Homage to Iran

Charles Dancla—Duos

Jennifer DeVore—Americanah; *Eternal Recurrence

Carlos Gardel—Melodía de arrabal; Por una cabeza; Volver

Philip Glass/Lynn Bechtold—Tearing Herself Away

Reinhold Glière—Duets

Donald Hagar—*Tocca-Tina, Jennifer, and Lynn

FJ Haydn—Duett

Sara Holtzschue---For KB/Pogrom

Lee Hyla—Amore Scaduto

Peter Jarvis—*Duo for Violin & Cello

John King—Fragments from Dithyramb

Lawrence Kramer—A Fable; *Give and Take

Veronika Krausas—Duos for Violin & Bass

Orlande de Lassus—Fantasia 3

Lei Liang—Gobi Canticle

György Ligeti—Hommage à Hilding Rosenberg

Earl Maneein—*A Dangerous Thing; Legacy; *A Query of Intent

Eugene Marlow—Une Jeune Fille d'Amoureuse des Fleurs

Eugene McBride—*Chancy

Milica Paranosic—*Zvrk

Joseph Pehrson—*Slick Clicks

Astor Piazzolla/Lynn Bechtold—Violetas Populares

Astor Piazzolla/David Gotay—Nightclub 1960

Gene Pritsker—C17H21NO4; *Clubbin'; Melodies Alone...

Tomi Raisanen—Midsommar(so)natten

Jeremy Rappaport-Stein—City in a Cloud

Maurice Ravel—Sonate

Erwin Schulhoff—Duo

Faye-Ellen Silverman—Translations

Dave Soldier—Duo Sonata/Tribute Electric

Augusta Read Thomas—Silent Moon

Anibal Troilo/Bechtold—Garua

Heitor Villa-Lobos—Deux Choros (bis)

Antonio Vivaldi--Concerto in B-flat Major

Michael Vincent Waller—*La Rugiada del Mattino

Ann Warren—*5 Morceaux en Forme du Tango

Graham Waterhouse—Pas de Deux

Iannis Xenakis—Dhipli Zyia






DUOS +  :

Louis Andriessen—...Not Being Sundered (w/sop)

Lynn Bechtold—*From Bags to Riches (w/ sop, pno); Projet Imaginaire (w/mandolin)

Eve Beglarian—The Flood (w/ sop, pno)

Gloria Coates—Lyric Suite (w/pno)

Valerie Coleman—*Four Winds of Ol' Forester (w/ fl)

Dan Cooper—*Little Water Drops (w/ sop, pno)

Jennifer DeVore—*Have I Been Working On the Railroad? (w/sop)

Takuma Itoh—Across the Open Sky (w/ vln)

Lawrence Kramer—Another Time (w/ sop)

Paul Miller (DJ Spooky)—Goldberg Remixes (w/vln)

Albert Oppenheimer—Hues (w/vln)

Milica Paranosic—New Bohemian Suite (w/various)

Martin Phelps—*Canvas In Progress (w vln)

*Imaginary Canvas (w/ various)

Gene Pritsker—Three Songs of Nostalgia II  (w/ sop)



* = Written for Zentripetal and their collaborators

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